JWH Custom Competitor Gen 2 Bolt


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The Competitor Gen 2 bolt is CNC machined, drop in ready assembly that features JWH Custom Firing Pin and Extractor installed to ensure the ultimate ignition and extraction. Our new Competitor Gen 2 bolt takes features of 2 of our best selling bolts and combines it to make one amazing bolt! No need for changing out firing pin, this bolt was tested to withstand 100’s of thousands rounds! For a limited time, we will be including a random pull charging handle~!  This is extremely easy to install and it helps decrease lock time to prevent binding and misfires. *firing stop pin on this bolt is non-removable.  A Beautiful example of what we offer.

CNC Machined from 4140 tool steel
Proper Headspace
Proper Firing Pin Protrusion
Hardened for Durability
Pinned Firing Pin for Consistent Ignition
Radiused and Polished for Improved Cycling
Wire EDM steel firing pin
Wire EDM steel extractor


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