Stainless Steel Trigger Pin Set Ruger 10/22


Replace Ruger 10/22 LR or Magnum blued steel drift pins with new precision-machined stainless steel pivot pins or have a spare set available in your tool box.

Replaces the following Ruger part numbers:

  • KE02800: Disconnector Pivot Pin
  • B-19: Hammer Pivot Pin
  • B-21: Trigger Pivot Pin
  • B-35: Bolt lock, magazine release, ejector pin. (2)
  • B-5: Receiver Pins (2)
  • Slave Pin: Temporary B-21 Pin used for trigger parts installation only.

Installation of these pins requires knowledge and experience to disassemble and reassemble the trigger parts properly. Instructions not included. Otherwise, a gunsmith is advised. Isometric Diagram included for installation.