What’s the Difference Between Stock Ruger Charging Handles and JWH Custom Handles?



The biggest difference is that we extended ours. At JWH Custom we understand that sometimes bigger is better. We designed a charging handle that not only looks top notch, but extended it so that it is easier to grab on to. It definitely makes charging the rifle much more comfortable and easier than with a stock Ruger handle.

Please note that our charging handles are specifically made for a CNC bolt. Using a stock Ruger bolt with these handles is a hit or miss. Many customers say that it works fine with a Ruger bolt, however we have had some tell us that they can’t at all. So please keep that in mind before purchasing. If you want to purchase it to test it out, please do. We offer a 30 day return policy!

Visit here to all the charging handles we currently carry!

Thuy Vy